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KarMel [Jun. 14th, 2005|02:31 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
last year i won a small award for a painting of mine (that a lot of you have seen already) through the KarMel Scholarship website. and they finally posted it--posted sideways, rather. haha! i think it's funny people sometimes have trouble telling which way it goes. it's cute *^_^*

you can check it out here if you want.

(yeah, and there's a small typo in the description quote. teehee)

there are tons of artistic areas to win in--so if any of you are interested in trying out for these awards, they'll be accepting applications for the 2006 awards starting this October. (the 2005 ones are already done). the prizes arent for a whole lot of money or anything. i think the 1st place winners got like $300. but, hey, every bit helps, right...
you dont have to be lgbt or anything, that's just kinda the theme for it all. oh, and you have to be in school (hence, the "scholarship" part of it all...even though they just send you a check anyway. heh)

so yeah, check it out if you want. there's some pretty cool pieces of work on there.
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pretty flags [Jun. 12th, 2005|05:05 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
[music |tegan&sara]

so yesterday i went to St. Augustine with Sarah, Rachel, and Joe because the pride fest was going on there and also RedBoy was playing later that night (our friend Mercy was supposed to play, too, but she lost her voice).

After a 3 year lawsuit battle by gay rights organizations in St. Augustine, the bridge of lions was FINALLY full of rainbow flags to celebrate gay pride there. It was SO AMAZING to see that when we first drove over the bridge of lions! i cant even describe it!! it was so fucking beautiful! to read more on this issue, go here. it's really interesting... we didnt get to take any pictures of it, but i'm sure there will be plenty posted on the internet soon, so i'll post some later once i find some.

i mean, it's one thing to be in a huge city, like Chicago, during Pride and seeing all their flags and everything...but it's another thing to experience it in a city that's been struggling to do something like that for years. The gay rights organizations that finally made this happen there were the ONLY organizations EVER to be continually turned down by the city to hang those flags. and now--we won!

since this is such a huge issue and is getting a lot of media, there were a lot of protestors yesterday at the events. they werent allowed to go into the block where everything was going on, but they made damn sure they got as close as possible with their fucking bigot selves and shitty signs that read shit like "F*CK FAGS!" "REPENT OR BURN IN HELL!" "SINNERS" etc etc fuckin etc. and then a few of them had the nerve to whip out mondo-sized confederate flags! WTF!?!?! haha! fuckin hicks...

after all that fun stuff, we went to see RedBoy play and then hit the beach for alittle while. it was awesome. i love the ocean at night...

more to come later.
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this makes me happy [Jun. 12th, 2005|03:13 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |tegan&sara]

so just for the hell of it, i wanted to research all the gay pride fests going on across the country (thanks for one of socialentity's last entries. *^_^* thanks laurie!). and there's a SHIT TON! HOLY COW! it's AWESOME!

look at how gay this country is...WOO!Collapse )
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living in an oven [Jun. 5th, 2005|10:06 am]
the dog swallowed my dharma
florida feels like an oven right now. and, of course, it's a bright and sunny day now that i have to go back to work today...

sarah and i went to st. augustine for our 10-month and camped in anastasia state park right by the beach (on thur-fri). even though it was a really short trip, it was amazing and i loved every minute of it. it's so beautiful and peaceful there. i want to do it again soon...

we decided to skip gay days this year because, well, i only have $20 in my name for the next 6 days. that's a really shitty feeling.

i think i found a house for my mom and i to rent. hopefully it works out. i think the only way we'd lose it is if the guy wants to rent it out sooner than july 31. but it's so perfect and so close to where we are now. it's literally on the same street! i live at 1015 NW 21st ave right now and this place is 1216 NW 21st ave! heh we could just roll all our shit up the street to it! haha
it's 2 bedroom/2 bath with a cute little screened porch in the front. i forgot to ask if there's washer/dryer hookups, but whatever. it's only $650/mo! and it looks in decent shape. the guy's going to show it to us in a couple weeks once the people that are living there now move out. i think maybe if we give him a security deposit up front, he might hold it for us. we'll see though.
i'm really really hoping for this...
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2005|03:06 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
so i've been looking for a house to rent, and it's a lot more frustrating than i thought it would be. i was excited at first, but after 4 hours of driving around by myself the other day, writing down numbers and addresses for every "for rent" sign i came across, i almost fell over with exhaustion when i stepped out of my car! i got 3 notebook pages of phone numbers/addresses plus a bunch of circled newspaper blurbs to look into. the following day, my mom came along for the ride, and we got a few more jotted down.

i'm so glad we're finally moving out of this damn apartment! (well in 2 more months we will be) i'm definitely not looking foward to the moving day though because i know i'll be desperately looking for people to help out... and after the whole moving memories from chicago to here, i cringe at the thought of anything going wrong. but it'll be much easier not having to go 1100 miles! heh

other than that, i've just been trying to work a lot since i'm not taking any summer school. i got shit for hours this summer though, thanks to Bob the asshole fuckhead pharmacist. according to my pharmacy manager, jessica, they came up with the hours for the techs by seniority of the store--meaning the techs who've worked at our particular store the longest get the better hours and more hours. that's kinda fucked up, in itself, since they know i've worked for walgreens in aurora and des moines, too.

however, it wasnt until a week ago or so that i found out from a couple of the techs that the way they actually figured out the hours for everyone was completely by favoritism. and seeing that bob hates my fucking guts, he made sure i got the shittiest hours out of everyone.

i never did anything to this man.
i dont know why he chose me to hate the most.
i just dont fucking understand it...

so yeah, i got to work 9pm to 1am (yeah, 4 fucking hours) this past thursday and friday. and then 9pm to midnight last night, and tonight i work that same shift. woo! those are some whopping 3 hours shifts! yeah!

alright. i'm not going to make this a bitchy entry.

in other news, my 2 'lil black kittens got neutered last week, and it turns out they were BOTH cryptorchid--meaning, they had 1 ovary and 1 testis! so they actually had to be neutered AND spayed! haha! CRAZY! but, they're doing just fine. they get their stitches out soon. awe.

okay. i'll end here. i'm going to try to update more often. i know i've been sucking lately at updating on here, and i just KNOW you're all DYING to hear about my exciting life.
so more to come...
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gotta love this stuff [May. 21st, 2005|05:10 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
i was tagged by sarah to do this.

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
haha! i dont even know, but i know it's definitely under 10. yeah, i suck. i'm all about rentals.

2. The last film I bought:
stand by me, for sarah. and waking life, for me (way back during the last hurricane)

3. Last film I watched:
The Burbs

4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

1) the goonies

2) the hours

3) bennie and joon

4) edward scissorhands

5) waking life

5. Tag five people and have them put this in their journal:

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my trip to chicago [May. 19th, 2005|07:43 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
i know i've been back for a week now, but i've been meaning to post this...
(warning: this is extremely long...so dont feel obligated to read it)

all about my trip to chicagoCollapse )

oh, and for those of you I didn't get to see while I was up there--i'm planning on coming back for a visit the last week of july/early august with Sarah :)
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chicago, here i come [May. 2nd, 2005|03:02 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |the new mars volta cd]

so i'm leaving with ashley to drive to chicago in only 2 more days (wed). i cant believe it! i'm so excited, but i'm so sad that sarah wont be with me... this is the first time her and i will be apart. :(
but i got my cell phone plan switched to the nationwide plan for only $10 more a month (plus i get 100 more minutes added on). so i wont be desperately looking for the nearest payphone to get in contact with everyone. woo

i think it's so cute that Sarah and my friends are all going to still come over and watch the Lword this next sunday at my apartment even though i wont be here. I mean, i know my mom can be extremely talkative and weird, but it makes me feel good that they arent afraid to come over when i'm not here. plus, it'll be mother's day and since i wont be there, it's nice to know my mom will have some company for even an hour on that day :) thanks, everyone.

so, note to all you chicago people (if you read this) and des moines kids (although i know it's finals week for you all and it's a bit of a drive to come out to chicago): i am leaving may 4 and will arrive in chicago hopefully by may 5. i fly back may 11 in the evening. so if ANY of you can come and see me, please call me! I am going to TRY to make it out to the suburbs, but for the most part, i'll be staying near the northside (at Burkhart's) on Halsted.

I really hope to get to see everyone...
if someone isnt able to meet up with me, no worries...Sarah and I are going to try to plan another trip up there (since i want her to come with me so badly) maybe in late july or early august before school starts back up again.
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(no subject) [Apr. 25th, 2005|12:30 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
so finals week is finally here.

i graduate this friday. my father and uncle are coming up from miami to see me walk. and, like i said in my last entry, i wasnt planning on being in the ceremony but my dad and uncle think it's important, so i am.

i asked my mom if she wanted to go, and her first excuse was "i might be working." this woman NEVER asks for a single day off and i think your daughter graduating would be a legitimate excuse.

now she's being a total bitch to me because i asked her again if she wanted to go. she's bringing up the last time there was a graduation--when my brother, Andres, graduated a couple years ago from Samford.
my dad came to that, too. and my oldest brother (Dani) invited my dad, Andres, and me to go out to a nice dinner after. but my mom wasnt invited and she was FURIOUS. it was only because Dani didnt want there to be tension (and we all agreed).
but my mom is still holding a grudge.

and now this is her real excuse for not wanting to go.

she says "this graduation is for your dad...not me"

makes me feel like SHIT

i fucking HATE this!!
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2005|04:31 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
i've had a very productive day so far...

sarah has no idea, but i just spent the last 3 hours cleaning every inch of her bathroom.
i think i used 6 different cleaning products. heh

and i got a little buzzed from the beer i drank during my little breaks in between. haha
wooo (and probably all the cleaning chemicals)

iron and wine tickets are, in fact, not sold out--which i know sarah will be excited about.
and i've already arranged to get our tickets.

my father is coming up here a week from tomorrow because he wants me to be in the graduation ceremony...
:/ i wasnt planning on walking, but i kinda feel obligated to now.
grr.. whatever.

i've was planning to go up to chicago after finals, but i dont know if that's going to happen anymore.
i'm barely sliding by with the money i have right now. *sigh*
can someone explain to me why the hell a one-way ticket costs more (sometimes twice) as much as a round-trip? it doesnt make any sense to me...

ok. time to take brody on a walk.
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