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the dog swallowed my dharma

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breathe. [Jul. 3rd, 2005|01:21 pm]
the dog swallowed my dharma
so after finishing off my last carton (that's 2 cartons in 9 days. sick), actually getting a bit of food in me, and finally getting more than an hour of sleep last night--i've finally settled the fuck down.
kind of.
i mean, i still feel a horrible emptiness, but i think it'll be okay.

last night she came over. i wasnt expecting it.
and we talked. no yelling. no fighting.
just talked...
and, of course, i broke down a few times.
because i'm still very weak.
just opening the door and seeing her standing there...
i thought i was dreaming.

i think i'm going to be okay though.
i have to focus on me now.
i have a lot ahead of me...
a lot of good things coming my way.
i got accepted into UF, i'm getting a 2nd job this week, i'm volunteering at one of the hospitals now, i plan on taking a few trips (to northampton, MA and chicago) before the semester starts (plus a trip out to cali after the semester ends), i have a great start on my pharmacy school application so far, i'm moving into a cute townhouse... but eventually i want to get my own place once i see how much money i get from loans and grants (that might not happen until spring semester since i'd like to pay off some of my bills first).

it's all going to work out...

i'm going to be okay.

if anyone interested in coming along, i plan on going out to st. augustine for the 4th tomorrow.